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LogoWords of the President of Group

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen
For decades, the Malaika Group has been building and consolidating an economic group that differs by zeal, commitment and dedication to business as well as its ability to proactively face the future.
Founded on commercial activity in the mid-80s, the Malaika Group as a business corporation was established in 1994, developing products and services, opening markets, becoming the undisputed leader in the marketing and export of cashew sector in natura. Malaika Hotel is the tangible result of a high degree of quality and performance of the Group.
Today, undisputed leader, for its diversity of supply, investing in infrastructure, technology and innovation. Anywhere in the country and world speaking out of cashew nuts, the name Malaika is reference quality and exemplary performance, maintaining a healthy and productive relationship with economic partners, and national and international financial and a clear sense of "clientismo".
Our values explain the success of past and present and remain as the first foundation to face the future with enthusiasm and to reaffirm our ambition: to keep the Malaika Group as a center for integrated development of diversified and sustainable business activities, with special attention to specialization and industrialization in the medium and long term.
Actual results and future prospects, drive us to tackle ambitious projects, which require for their development resources and expertise that the group intends to coordinate and accumulates in future.
In our constant search for efficiency to meet the market requirements, we need a continuous reformulation of the organization and systems by establishing a culture of continuous progress and continuous improvement of our performance in the face of globalization and increasing competition in the sub-regional and international economy.
The level of experience demonstrated by the professionals of the company as well as in the management of local operations, is a fortress to preserve and, of course, a necessary condition for achieving the objectives and shared with our business partner’s results, the community and the clientele.
Malaika Group, recognized leader in its market and territory, also contributes to the sustainable economic development of the country, which is widely participated with high social and ethical value to achieve the much desired social well-being of humanity.
The mission of the Malaika Group is all about. It is wide and arduous but comforting.
So my availability is guaranteed full and as it has been for decades of my professional career and business.
What good there!

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