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About Us: Monday, 22 April 2019

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The Malaika Group, whose origin dates from the mid-80th year on the occasion of the foundation of a small business in the Central Market, develops its activity mainly in the marketing and export of cashew nuts, hotel, restaurant and construction sector, still envisaging short long-term and large investments in industry and in certain specialized services, especially in strategic sectors of the national economy and West Africa, a potential market of 200 million consumers.

Eminently local or national company, nowadays Malaika Group is clearly the largest company in the Guinean cashew sector, with its chain consists of modern warehouses with annual storage capacity of about 30,000 tons of cashew nuts, predominantly situated in an ultramodern business park with offices or offices that can serve as incubators and to provide other services, and whose bedroom is part of an aparthotel complement and support future oriented tourist activities and complementary tourist market sub-regional or a niche or specialized market.

The Malaika Group continues its activities in the transversal. In the leisure area, the Group currently has one hotel - Malaika Hotel (28 rooms, 12 suites, 2 conference hall, 1 living spectacle, one restaurant and two bars), in addition to an apartment with 8 rooms, thus constituting the largest chain of Guinean origin and one of the most sought after in the market due to its high level of comfort and quality given several awards for quality and international prestige.

The Malaika Group in its universe of economic activities employs more than 500 staff and seasonal workers, with a cash flow of about 30 million dollars annually, and nearly 300 million dollars in capital equipment, machinery and infrastructure, that assigns the Malaika Group financial strength necessary for its leadership in business and qualification for the internationalization of its activities market for a differentiated outer space, globalized and highly competitive market.